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Since 1952, DELFORNO s.r.l. has been engaged in the induction hardening for third parties of mechanical parts of different shape and size such as dies, valves, shafts, cylinders, gears, racks, pinions, cams, jibs, pins, spindles, blades, pulleys and many others. These processes can be carried out in large series or on single parts. If necessary, the company is also equipped to process parts directly at the customer’s site.


INDUCTION HARDENING offers significant mechanical advantages: treating only zones liable to wear increases the intrinsic hardness of the type of steel or cast iron used while the remaining section (not hardened) maintains its original elasticity, thus avoiding breakage of the parts.


DELFORNO s.r.l. has always operated with an approach based on quality, courtesy and fast delivery and, over the years, the facts have confirmed the validity of this philosophy.  

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